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Clive is out of prison and he's bombarded with love letters from a secret admirer.

CW: age gap, underage sex,  implied trans character

18+ content, 19 pages, monochrome, read from top to bottom - left to right

please open in your bowser's pdf reader after downloading for comfortable reading 

this is a gift comic for snips for penpalhotel's 2019-2020 professor layton new year's exchange and was written according to the prompt i was given

"[...] luke and clive content with a play with words. along the lines of luke going to him "you're my future ?"[...] aka a future together."

All characters belong to level-5, this is just fanwork


you are my future.pdf 55 MB


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clive out of prison but hopefully op goes to prison. jesus fucking christ



I forgot I've read these and haven't commented on it. I just wanna say your Luclive arts are amazing and super adorable. I wish I have a relationship as wholesome as this one. Keep doing what you're doing luv. <3 


this was disgusting and awful to read 

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this is one of the cutest things I've ever seen <3
I hope you keep making more comics like this, I'll read it

Thank you sm ;; I want to draw more


I made an account to say this was cute thank u

thank U!!


funny and sentimental. Nice job.

thank you!!